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Article: Choosing The Right Hair Straightener for Your Hair Extensions - Steamplus vs Flat Iron

Choose The Right Hair Straightener For Your Hair Extensions
flat iron

Choosing The Right Hair Straightener for Your Hair Extensions - Steamplus vs Flat Iron

Whether you’re a new or experienced user of hair extensions, finding the right hair straightener for your hair type and extensions can be difficult. You need a hair straightener that is reliable and dependable; one that will make your hair look fabulous without negatively impacting your extended locks.

The two most commonly used hair straighteners to style hair are generally steamplus straighteners, also called wet-to-dry straighteners, and flat irons. But how do these two compare when it comes to caring for hair extensions?

Understanding which hair straightener will keep both your hair and extensions healthy is essential. In this blog post we’ll go through the differences between steamplus vs flat iron styles - both affordability & effectiveness of styling delicate wefts, tapes or clip-in pieces. 

1. Steamplus Hair Straightener

A Steamplus hair straightener use steam to straighten your hair. They work by heating water inside the straightener, which then releases steam as you move it over your hair. This steam helps to hydrate and protect your hair, making it less likely to break or become damaged. It's also a great option for those with hair extensions as it's not as harsh on the hair as a flat iron.

2. Flat Iron

On the other hand, flat irons, use only heat to straighten your hair. They work by heating the plates, which then transfer the heat to your hair, straightening it as you go. Flat irons are best for those with fine or thin hair as they can create a smooth, sleek look quickly. However, they can be quite damaging to hair extensions.

3. Pros and Cons of Each

Both steamplus and flat irons have their pros and cons, and choosing between them will depend on your hair type and preferences. Here are some pros and cons to keep in mind:


  • Great for those with thick or curly hair
  • Hydrates and protects your hair from damage
  • Not as harsh on hair extensions - Steamplus does not only intergrate your own hair perfectly with your extensions but also leaves your hair nourished and healthy.

Flat iron

  • Can straighten hair quickly
  • Good for those with fine or thin hair
  • Can be too harsh on hair extensions

4. How To Choose the Right One For You

When it comes to choosing between a hair straightener, there's no one-size-fits-all option. Your choice will depend on your hair type, texture, and thickness

If you have thick or curly hair, a steamplus hair straightener might be your go-to hair straightener. If you have fine or thin hair, a flat iron could work well. Your best bet will always be a hair straightener that's gentle on on your hair and extensions.

5. Safety Tips

Regardless of which hair straightener you choose, it's essential to follow some safety tips to prevent damage to your hair. Always use a heat protectant spray before straightening your hair, and don't leave the hair straightener in one spot for too long. It's also a good idea to use a lower heat setting (170°C - 180°C) if you have hair extensions.

To read more about caring instructions for extensions, click here.

Choosing the right hair straightener can be a tricky task, but by following our guide on steamplus vs flat iron, you'll be able to make an informed decision. Whether you have thick, fine, or curly hair, there's a hair straightener out there that's perfect for you. And if you wear hair extensions, make sure to choose a hair straightener that's gentle on them. Remember to follow safety tips to prevent damage, and you'll have stunning, styled hair in no time.

If you're unsure which products will work on your own hair and hair extensions, read this blog for all the Tried & Tested Professional Products recommended by trusted professional stylists.

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